About Us

Hosanna Resources is a Business Organization under the Trade license of “Dhaka North City Corporation ,Bangladesh .
The main activities is to provide Consultancy, Supply ,Training & Trading .
"Factory Improvement Team ( FIT)"
We have suitable team to check the present status of Factory and can support for Total Improvement as per modern systems.
Our team members are Qualified, Experienced, Job experiences and Training In Bangladesh & from overseas countries also.
Our Team members have Experience on maximum modern systems for better operation, better compliance and better productivity of the factory.
We have team for Factory Startup Support from Zero stage to Shipment .
Garments : Knit + Woven+ Lingerie
Hosanna Resources is Agent of the below Items :
1. TimeSSD (Romania)-
2. Rotondi (Italy)
3. SipItaly ‘(Italy)-Sewing Clever
4. Real time Data capture Systems
5. Maintenance Management Systems
Some more items will be added soon with “Hosanna Resources “
1.TimeSSD: timeSSD® is the first Cloud based “pay as you go” Bill of Labor solution, continuing the tradition established by SSD as the first computerized time & cost benchmarking system for the sewing product industry
2.Rotondi : ROTONDI GROUP SRL is a company based in the outskirts of Milan. We produce hi-tech pressing equipment for mens and ladies jackets, trousers, jeans, shirts and knitwear. Two advanced production plants of almost 10,000 square meters (100,000 square feet) give an integrated manufacturing cycle from design to completion using the latest automatic cutters and robots.
3.Sipitaly : Sipitaly Sewing Clever : Italian Industrial Automatic Sewing Machines ;Sipitaly Sewing is specialized in the development and production of automatic Units for Jeans & Trousers
4.Real time Data Capture Systems
5.Maintenance Management Systems

Business Name : Hosanna Resources

Office Address : Flat # 4/C (4th Floor), Apartment Neer-15, 172/173 Gawair Madrasha Road, Dakkhinkhan Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

P.S : Dakkhinkhan, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

Business Type : Trading , Training , Consultancy and order suppliers .
License Authority:Dhaka North City Corporation
Ward 49
Year of Establishment : 2016 Licenced by Dakkhinkhan Adarsha Union Paridsshad ,Dhaka ,Bangladesh .
Renew license by:Dhaka North City Corporation,Dhaka ,Bangladesh .
Trade License No : 311816
Validity: From 2019 - 2020 to 2023 -2024
Bank : Dutch Bangla Bank Limited,
Uttara Model Town Branch,Dhaka ,Bangladesh .
Bank Account number upon requirement by supplier .
VAT Reg (BIN): 001106703
Ownership :Joel Boidya
Mechanical Engineer
Aprx 22 years experience in Textile, Garments Industries in Bangladesh with Multinational and Bangladesh own factories.
Trained from Japan ( AOTS HIDA) ,China & Vietnam.
Also Technical Consultant for garments Industries.
Phone : 8801712806794,8801884614611
Email : hosanna.resources@yahoo.com, info@hosanna-bd.com
Skype : joelboidya1,
Website : www.hosanna-bd.com